Goal: To be a leading trainer in the mid-south arena of firearms safety and marksmanship. To educate the public on the safe handling of weapons when in the home and on public or private ranges. To provide special instructional classes to protect our children from negligible, accidental injuries.
Vision: ASTAPP will provide quality training and service to any client or student who enters our doors. ASTAPP prides itself on being able to offer superior services to our customers relative to their needs while maintaining a safe and learning atmosphere.
Mission Statement:  ASTAPP (Advance Security Training and Personal Protection) is dedicated to offering safe and superior services to civilians, security officers and law enforcement personnel.  Our training will focus on the delivery of accurate marksmanship and safe operation of handgun and shoulder fired weapons, i.e. pistols, shotguns, MP5, M4, AR15 & 16. As an innovative foundation for advance security training and personal protection, it is our mission to meet all training needs of security officers such as:  chemical spray, collapsible baton, handcuffing, weapon retention, defensive tactics and security license renewals.  Additionally, we will train city, state and federal government agencies and contractors in the use of firearms and other protective classes that are necessary to affect their jobs.

ASTAPP is presently a business owned and operated as a sole proprietor with operating licenses from the Tennessee Department of Safety as well as, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.  ASTAPP was founded in January 2002 by Samuel E. Hines, Jr. primarily as a handgun permit training school, which later expanded to security and law enforcement training.

ASTAPP offers an eight hour (8) block of instruction in the TN Handgun Safety Course, as a prerequisite to obtaining a TN Handgun Carry Permit.  Under the Department of Commerce and Insurance, ASTAPP provides course training in the following areas:

  • Unarmed Security License
  • Armed Security License
  • Chemical Irritant Spray
  • Baton use
  • Shotgun
  • Stun Gun, etc.

ASTAPP has set a high standard of professionalism and training that is mirrored by its staff.   ASTAPP instructors are highly trained and experienced.  Many of the instructors have completed some of the top firearms instructor schools in the business; some of which include:  FBI, Smith & Wesson, Glock, SigArms, Beretta, NRA, TEES, military courses and many other schools.  Most instructors are college graduates, commissioned police academy instructors, current or former SWAT Team members and/or military personnel.  ASTAPP’s staff resumes offer a diverse background of experience and training that complements all of our customers.

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