ASTAPP (Advance Security Training and Personal Protection) is dedicated to offering safe and superior services to civilians, security officers and law enforcement personnel. Our training will focus on the delivery of accurate marksmanship and safe operation of handgun and shoulder fired weapons, i.e. pistols, shotguns, MP5, M4, AR15 & 16. As an innovative foundation for advance security training and personal protection, it is our mission to meet all training needs of security officers such as: chemical spray, collapsible baton, handcuffing, weapon retention, defensive tactics and security license renewals. Additionally, we will train city, state and federal government agencies and contractors in the use of firearms and other protective classes that are necessary to affect their jobs. .
 Citizens you can LEGALLY carry a firearm after taking this Course in 35 states or more.

Handgun, Ammunition, and Targets provided for class and training purposes.

ASTAPP Instructor Video - Sam Hines


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